Flea Bath & Tick Prevention

Natural Flea Relief Dog Bath $25

Our flea bath uses all natural Tropiclean Flea & Tick Maximum Strength Flea Shampoo.
Also included, Citus Neem Flea and Tick de-itching shampoo for pre-wash suggested with Tropiclean Bite Relief AfterBath conditioner after flea bath shampoo to further relieve your dog’s itching and scratching. All premium washes include use of a FURminator® brush, slicker wire brush, fur comb. Flea comb also available for flea wash use.

Be prepared and prevent ticks or fleas from every becoming a problem for your pet or your family.

This flea wash package is puppy safe and will protect your dog from fleas and sooth their itching for up to a week. The natural flea and tick shampoo will kill larva and fleas on contact and is safe / free from toxic chemicals.

All self-service washes now INCLUDE the use of Nail file, use of blow dryer, 2 towels, Kong ZoomGroom grooming brush.

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