Smelly Dog Breath?

Breath Foam Spray $3

Add a breath spray treatment to any self serve dog wash.

(All washes include use of blow dryer, 2 towels, Kong ZoomGroom grooming brush and choice of a dozen natural shampoos ranging from hypo-allergenic (scent-free & tear free), kiwi & oatmeal shampoo, cucumber & oatmeal shampoo, or citrus dog shampoos)

Three stainless steel professional grade dog wash tubs and showers with over 6 shampoos of your choice for self-service use at our store. Starting at only $16 for use of our facilities, towels, and select hypo allergenic shampoos ranging from scent free to kiwi and citrus

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Our available shampoos are all Made in the USA. We carry shampoos from professional pet shampoo manufacturers including TropiClean, AromaCare, Thornell, and others made in the USA.

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