Bright White Fur

White Coat Self Serve Wash $20

Similar to our De-Shedding wash, with the inclusion of a specialty ‘White Coat’ Spa shampoo after a deshedding brush, a Tangle Remover add-on included, and either our Lime Coco-Butter deShedding conditioner or the Kiwi cocobutter conditioner. All premium washes include use of a FURminator® brush, slicker wire brush, fur comb.

Add on a Blue Berry tearless facial to brighten up your pet’s white furry face for only $5 more

Walk-In for Self service dog washing today. If needed we accept reservations for tubs to accommodate large pet groups

All washes include use of blow dryer, 2 towels, Kong ZoomGroom grooming brush, and the use of nail file.

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